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About Mr.English

The Founding of Mr. English

In today’s vast English language world, many English schools and language training centers just do not bring the type of results like they promise. Whether there is an issue with material, teachers/ trainers, structure or the environment, the formula just never seems right. This problem quickly caught the attention of two teachers from the United States.

The American duo hoped to share the wonderful idea of establishing a truly natural language learning environment. They believed that everyone is unique and should have the opportunity to choose the most appropriate method to learning suited to each person's needs.

Their concept called for a return to the basics of efficiency bringing real results to people in need. This notion captured the interest and support of a Chinese funding organizational group, so thoughts became reality and Mr. English was brought to life.

And the rest, as they say, is history…

We are from the United States

Sincerity, equality, freedom, creativity, self-confidence, persistence...

We came to China from the United States, bringing not only the English language, but the spirit and faith behind America. We use our experience and your educational trust to bring you greater confidence.

We love the country of China; we love living and working in China; and like the Chinese people, we love eating Chinese food. After the many wonderful years of teaching, our love for education still remains strong. We find rewards in seeing our clients learn and bringing change into people's lives. 

Our Primary Concern is Not for Profits... Our Primary Concern is Your Trust in Us.

Mr. English is fortunate to get the support of fellow Chinese. We pledge that profits earned will foremost be used for hiring quality teachers and ensuring high quality services. Our purpose is to provide Chinese students with quality English learning without the high costs.

To ensure quality lessons at fair prices, we are committed to:

·     Not becoming commercial through advertising

·     Not renting large or luxurious office spaces and transferring costs to clients.

·     Not to compromise on the quality of teachers or the use of computer teaching (1 client - to -1 computer) to reduce costs